2 Semester LPN to RN Program

Many LPNs want to become registered nurses (RNs) in order to broaden their clinical abilities and area of practice. Due to the present nursing crisis in the United States, educational institutions are making it easier – and faster – to obtain a Registered Nurse (RN) degree. therefore a 2 Semester LPN to RN Program offer by many colleges but it depends on your prior qualification.

What Is an LPN to RN Program?

An LPN to RN curriculum is an educational path that trains LPNs to become licensed as Registered Nurses. It is generally given at a fast speed (RNs). These programs are comprehensive and focus on nursing theory rather than specific bedside responsibilities. They’re designed to build on the abilities taught at LPN school and equip students to take on more clinical responsibility, develop critical thinking and decision-making skills, and work in a broader scope of practice.

LPN-to-RN Pathways

An LPN interested in becoming an RN can take one of two degree paths:

  • LPN-to-ADN is a shorter path that will earn you an ADN.
  • LPN-to-BSN takes about twice as long and results in a BSN

Some LPN-to-RN programs provide an associate degree in nursing (ADN), while others grant a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) (BSN). A BSN has several advantages over an ADN, making the extra year or two of training worthwhile. Although both degrees permit to sit for the national NCLEX-RN exam, which is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). Once you pass this test, you’ll be a licensed registered nurse.

What Is the Distinction Between the Two Paths?

Program length: One to two yearsProgram length: Two to four years
Where can I find these programs? Community colleges, vocational schools, and some universitiesWhere can I find these programs? Four-year colleges and universities
What can I expect upon graduation? Earning an associate’s degree will allow you to work as an entry-level RN. You may also have opportunities to manage LPNs.What can I expect upon graduation? RNs with bachelor’s degrees are more likely to receive promotions and autonomy, manage other nurses, and receive higher pay. 

Here we are not emphasizing on LPN TO BSN, but to stick with the LPN TO RN accelerate fast track option, which is available in just two semesters. However, the majority of them provide at least three semesters or a 12-month period of time.

All are here in this List:

So without wasting more time, let’s headed straight into LPN TO RN accelerate fast track programs.

Requirement for LPN to RN Programs

Clinical Experience Requirements

Clinical work requirements will be provided by your school when you apply to an LPN-to-RN online program. Some programs place students at a nearby health-care institution, while others require them to choose their own clinical placement.

If your program requires you to identify a clinical site, start looking early and get clearance from your institution.

LPN-to-RN Program Curriculum

You must first fulfil a number of requirements before enrolling in higher-level nursing courses. Depending on your educational background, the particular courses and quantity will vary. The number of requirements you must accomplish will also effect the length of your program.

Prerequisite Classes You May Take

Prerequisites typically fall in the “general education” category and include classes such as:

  • English composition
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Biology
  • General chemistry

Check with your institution to see if there are any time constraints on requirements. If you completed these courses more than five, seven, or ten years ago, they may not be recognized genuine in some instances.

Upper-Level Nursing Classes You May Take

Once you’ve completed your prerequisites, you’ll be ready to start your nursing curriculum. If you’re working toward an ADN, you’ll learn about adult health nursing and transitioning to the role of RN.

LPN-to-RN Admission Requirements

  • Current LPN license
  • High school diploma
  • Six months of LPN experience
  • Passing score on the entrance exam

Entrance Exams

One of the most popular assessments given to aspiring nurses is the Test of Essential Academic Skills. The test assesses and measures arithmetic, English, science, and reading skills.

Scientific thinking, mathematical formulae, linguistics, and life sciences will all be assessed.

So here is the list of 2 Semester LPN to RN Program

Heartland Community College Illinois

2 Semester LPN to RN Program

LPN to ADN Program

Duration: 2 to 3 semester


LocationResidentNon- Resident -Out-of-districtNon-Resident &International
Estimated Cost$10,948$21,896$32,844

Other Mandatory costs can be found on their Website

The LPN to ADN program at Heartland Community College leads to an Associate Degree in Nursing and prepares students to take the NCLEX-RN test for licensing as a Registered Nurse. When accepted into the Associate Degree Nursing program, this advanced placement admission as an LPN option offers proficiency credit for first-year nursing studies and permits students to finish the second year programs in 2-3 semesters. Enrollment in the LPN to ADN program is limited due to seat availability. Admission to the Nursing Program is determined by meeting minimal academic requirements, residence, and the applicant’s qualifications in comparison to those of other candidates.

Collin College McKinney, TX

LVN-RN Bridge

Duration: 3 semester


LocationTexas and Collin County ResidentTexas and Collin Outside County ResidentOut-of-State/Country
Estimated Cost$3,720$7,020$11,220

Other Mandatory costs can be found on their Website

Collin College’s LVN-RN program isn’t big or well-known, but it has an extraordinarily high NCLEX pass rate, students love it, and it’s at a great location for students in the DFW metroplex. It’s an especially good offer for Collin County residents, who get ridiculously low tuition rates, but out-of-state residents also get a good deal.

Western Kentucky University

2 Semester LPN to RN Program

LPN to ASN program online

Duration: 3 semester


Estimated cost: $19,551

Other Mandatory costs can be found on their Website

Practical nurses who want to upgrade their careers can enroll in Western Kentucky University’s LPN to ASN program. To develop qualified and compassionate RNs, WKU’s program stresses professionalism, evidence-based nursing care, safety, and ethical behavior. Medical-Surgical Nursing, Microbiology, Maternal-Newborn Nursing, and other courses are among the 61 program hours taken by enrolled students. Graduates are well-prepared to take the NCLEX-RN exam after completing the program.

Pearl River Community College in Poplaville, Mississippi


Duration: 3 Semester


There is no exact tuition fee for this program available online on their website, you need to contact them directly via email for the complete course fee. [email protected]

PRCC’s Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program prepares students for a rewarding and demanding profession as a registered nurses. There are three alternatives for the ADN program. The Traditional ADN and LPN to ADN Day options on the Poplarville campus begin each fall and spring semester after acceptance into the program. Once admitted into the Traditional ADN program, the program lasts four semesters. Three semesters are required for the LPN to ADN Day option. Every autumn, the LPN to ADN Evening option begins at the Forrest County Campus and lasts three semesters.

Community College of Baltimore County Maryland

2 Semester LPN to RN Program

LPN to RN                

Duration: 3 semester

LocationResidentNon- Resident- in StateNon-Resident Online Course& InternationalYork County, Pa residentsAll other on-site and blended students (out-of-state and international)
Estimated Cost$8,540$16,870$16,940$16,940$26,040

Other Mandatory costs can be found on their Website

Once entrance and general education criteria have been satisfied, the LPN to RN Transition Course provides a unique opportunity for eligible licensed practical nurses to enter the associate degree nursing program with advanced standing.

Qualified LPNs can enroll in a seven-credit LPN/RN Transition course. An LPN who receives a C or better in this course and completes the prerequisite and general education requirements can attend the CCBC Nursing Program with advanced standing and receive academic credit for the first year of the program.

Bossier Parish Community College Louisiana


Duration: 3 Semester


LocationFull-time Dependent Student (living with parents)Full-time Independent Student (not living with parents)  
Estimated Cost$$14,225$20,538

Other Mandatory costs can be found on their Website

The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to Associate of Science Registered Nurse (RN) Transition Track at BPCC is a one-day curriculum that trains LPNs to work as Registered Nurses (RN). After completing a minimum of one year of practice as an LPN, this program is designed for LPNs who desire to pursue a career as an RN. The BPCC Nursing Program admits students on a competitive basis. It’s worth noting that fulfilling the minimum prerequisites does not ensure acceptance into the BPCC Nursing Program.

Dyersburg State Community College Tennessee

2 Semester LPN to RN Program


Duration: 3 Semester


LocationResidentNon- Resident- out of StateIn-State TN eCampus onlineOut of-State TN eCampus online
Estimated Cost$13,728$48,972$15,774$51,018

Other Mandatory costs can be found on their Website

The DSCC Division of Nursing provides a Fast Track Nursing Program for Advanced Standing LPNs to RNs. This program is aimed at students who are working as an LPN and want to continue their education while working. A graduate will be prepared to undertake the job of a registered nurse and pass the National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nursing once the program is completed (NCLEX- RN). The Advanced Standing LPN-RN Fast Track program lasts one year, beginning in May and ending in May of the following year (three semesters). The Dyersburg campus is home to this program.

Florida Gateway College  

LPN-RN Bridge: Fast-Track Programs

Duration: 12 months


LocationResidentNon- ResidentNon-Resident Online CourseGeorgia
Estimated Cost$7,416$28,193$16,704$7,812

Other Mandatory costs can be found on their Website

Through an expedited program, the College allows Licensed Practical Nurses to become Registered Nurses. Accepted Licensed Practical Nurses can finish the LPN-to-RN Bridge: Fast-Track Part-Time, a component of the Associate in Science Degree in Nursing (ASDN) program, in around 12 months due to the shared body of knowledge between the Practical Nursing and Registered Nursing programs.

SUNY Orange – Newburgh New York


Duration: 4 Semester


LocationResident   Full-Time Student TuitionNon-Resident Full-Time Student TuitionResident Part-Time Student Tuition  Non-Resident Part-Time Student Tuition
Estimated Cost$2,772 per semester$5,544 per semester$231 per credit$462 per credit           

Other Mandatory costs can be found on their Website

Advanced placement into the Second semester through the SUNY Orange Articulation agreement: SUNY Orange has an articulation agreement with OUBOCES and Ulster BOCES School of Practical Nursing. Graduates of this program may transfer into NUR 102 – Nursing II Fundamentals based on the following criteria. Candidates must:

Advanced Placement into the Second Semester through the Excelsior College Examination: Licensed Practical Nurses who do not meet the transfer requirements from an articulation agreement above, may apply for admission to NUR 102 – Fundamentals of Nursing 2. The application will be reviewed when the individual has met the college and nursing program admission criteria (see below) and the following has been achieved:

Advanced standing into the Fourth Semester: Licensed Practical Nurses who have successfully completed NUR 102 – Nursing II: Fundamentals, may be considered for advanced standing into NUR 202 – Nursing IV: Physical and Mental Illness after completing the following requirements:


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