Top 10 Accelerated Nursing Programs Without Prerequisites in the USA

There has been a huge demand for registered nurses in different healthcare organizations. The demand for nurses increases with the growing population of patients and, of course, the aging workforce. As per the projections given by the Bureau of Statistics, the rate of employment for nurses has increased from 5% to 15% as of 2022. Apart from this, there are around 4, 00,000 vacancies for nurses in the U.S. So if you have a passion for becoming a nursing officer or a nurse, then the first step towards it is to choose a nursing program.

Choosing a nursery program takes much work. You have to research a lot. There are so many options available. Many of you wouldn’t have ever wondered how quickly you could become a nurse. Yes, many of the universities of accelerated nursing programs without any pre-requirements. So, you can become a registered nurse within 1 to 2 years and apply for the post of a regular nurse. After all deciding which nursing program is good for you is an important step toward your career.

What’s in the Accelerated Nursing Program?

The accelerated program for nursing is specially designed courses that allow students who want to become full-time nurses to complete their MSN, RN, and BSN degrees faster than the traditional courses offered on campus. Several programs have been especially intended for students with undergraduate degrees in different fields. That means if you have a degree in physics or any other subject, you can also apply for the nursing program. Such programs are delivered on Campus. If we compare the accelerated program with the traditional one, then there is a clear difference between them.

The accelerated programs are given on campus and online, and instead of semesters, classes are organized in sections and quarters. However, the curriculum is the same as a full-time program. Even if you pursue it online, you will get several universities that provide online accelerated nursing programs. But it’s better that you choose an on-campus accelerated program to get a better insight into what duties you will have to do. And, of course, hands-on learning is much more important than online learning.

What is the program duration of the accelerated nursing program?

The duration of the accelerated nursing program is faster than that of other programs. It depends on the intensity and structure of the program. The duration mainly ranges from 12 to 16 months. Although some of the university also provides a 2-year long program. You will learn specific nursing courses at the time of the program. However, the least important courses are condensed so that you can easily learn faster.

One thing to note here is that the university needs to include the total time to complete the courses at the advertisement time. This is because, in accelerated nursing programs, you don’t  

Need to complete pre-required courses. So the duration of the program may vary depending on your certifications and knowledge.

What is the cost of an accelerated nursing program?

Depending on the college and the facilities, the accelerated program for nursing will cost you around $40,000 to $80,000. But if you opt for a private university, it will cost you around $1, 00,000.

Benefits of enrolling in an accelerated nursing program

Many people who have already been involved in some other programs may need help finding a program suitable to their expectations. So, they decide to move to nurse programs or any other accelerated programs as they are much more rewarding, both professionally and personally. So without wasting time, you can complete your degree within 1 to 2 years, gaining a lot of maturity and confidence. So below are the five major benefits of choosing an accelerated nursing program over the regular full-time programs.

  • With the accelerated nursing program, you can easily fulfill the huge demand for nurses in both the educational and healthcare organization
  • If you are already doing any job, then gaining a certificate in an accelerated program will help you increase your regular earning potential
  • You can easily enter any workforce earlier than most the traditional programs
  • You will receive both the preparation and professional training
  • Enhance your professional skills

Comparing the Top 10 Accelerated Nursing Programs

University/ college Program durationTuition fees Location
Georgetown University  16 months    $14,148Washington, D.C.    
University of Pennsylvania  18 months$130,800Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Duke University  16 months$92,960  Durham, North Carolina  
University of San Diego  21 months$47,100  San Diego, California  
Oklahoma City University  16 months$31000     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
Fairfield University  15 months  $53600Fairfield, Connecticut  
Regis College  16 months   $75000  Massachusetts
East Carolina University  12 months  $204/ credit hr.  Greenville, North Carolina  
Northeastern University  16 months     $79462        Burlington, Massachusetts  
California Baptist University  16 months$13500  California

Top 10 Accelerated Nursing Programs Without Prerequisites in the USA

Many universities offer on-campus and online accelerated nursing programs. So we have combined the Best University in which you can enroll as per your requirement. Also, all of the below-listed universities do not require any pre-requisite.

1.    Georgetown University

Georgetown University has 50+ programs, including the School of Health Studies and Nursing. It provides an accelerated BSN second degree, which gives students a chance to earn a BSN after completing a program of 16 months.

With this program, the students will guide expertise in clinical and lab-based activities. Apart from this good, performing student also gets a scholarship. Maintaining a good writing ability and publishing several research papers is mandatory.

  • Duration of Program: 16 months
  • Tuition Fees: $14,148
  • Location: Washington, D.C.

2.    University of Pennsylvania

It is regarded as the best nursing program. The acceptance rate is only about 35%. The college provides students with all the opportunities to matriculate into the NP and MSN programs during the second semester. Once you enroll in the program, you will get many advantages, including meeting with healthcare professionals throughout the country, such as CNOs and CEOs.

  • Duration of Program: 18 months
  • Tuition Fees: $130,800
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3.    Duke University

It is known for its competitive nursing program and is ranked as the top tier University, especially for accelerated programs. It has an excellent pass rate of NCLEX. Because of this, the college consistently admitted 100 students just for a few spots.

The program is campus-based and is accredited by the North Carolina educational facility. However, the acceptance rate has yet to be determined by the university. But it can be costly as the fees are comparatively higher than the other accelerated nursing programs.

  • Duration of Program: 16 months
  • Tuition Fees: $92,960
  • Location: Durham, North Carolina

4.    University of San Diego

People looking to get an MSN degree can be directly involved in the Masters’s program of Nursing. People who have yet to register for the nursing program earlier can finish this and only 21 months. The program is filled with several courses that will enhance students’ skills and move them toward leadership positions.

  • Duration of Program: 21 months
  • Tuition Fees: $47,100
  • Location: San Diego, California

5.    Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma University offers many nursing programs that will meet the requirement of all the students. It offers an accelerated BSN degree in nursing, which you can complete within 16 months. Apart from the full-time degree, people can also try the part-time option for an accelerated BSN nursing program known as ABSN.

  • Duration of Program: 16 months
  • Tuition Fees:  $31000
  • Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

6.    Fairfield University

Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree can enroll in the nursing school of Fairfield, as it offers a second-degree nursing program. The duration of is program is only about 15 months with 60 credits.

The program offers science and humanity courses. Along with this, you will also get nursing and clinical coursework. If you already have the scale and knowledge that is required to become a nursing officer, then this program is for you. Below are the details of the program.

  • Duration of Program: 15 months
  • Tuition Fees:  $53600
  • Location: Fairfield, Connecticut

7.    Regis College

It is Catholic University which is located in central Boston, Massachusetts. Those students who have never earned a nursing degree can get this degree only for 16 months of training. Apart from this, people who have been involved get a chance to work with clinical and hospital facilities to stockpile the experience and skills needed to become a good nurses. You will also get a chance to work in evening classes.

  • Duration of Program: 16 months
  • Tuition Fees:  $75000
  • Location: Massachusetts

8.    East Carolina University

The program offered by East Carolina has around passing rate of 95%. Student gets a chance to get a degree in a nursing BSN program. The program starts in the spring season and lasts only for 12 months. Applicants should complete several pre-requirements, including the NLPAX.

  • Duration of Program: 12 months
  • Tuition Fees:  $204/ credit hr.
  • Location: Greenville, North Carolina

9.    North-eastern University

North-eastern University, located in Massachusetts, provides a full-time nursing program that combines different coursework and hands-on training. There is no acceptance rate. The coursework can be completed online, so students do not need to go to campus.

  • Duration of Program: 16 months
  • Tuition Fees:  $79462
  • Location: Burlington, Massachusetts

10. California Baptist University

California University provides entry-level accelerated nursing programs, mainly for the MSN. The coursework is only for 64 credits. The knowledge and abilities students acquire in this program will enable them to be qualified for entrance to nursing careers in various healthcare environments and specialties.

  • Duration of Program: 16 months
  • Tuition Fees:  $13500
  • Location: California

Summing Up

So, we have listed the top 10 accelerated nursing programs which will help you earn a degree faster than any traditional program. One disadvantage of opting for the accelerated nursing program is that you won’t be getting to take a leave, even during the summer vacation.

If you look at the traditional programs, then they have breaks in between the semester. On the other hand, accelerated programs run continuously without any breaks. If you have decided to enroll in an online program, you must get to your nearest medical facilities for clinical rotation training.

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