LVN to RN Programs Los Angeles – Courses – Cost – Duration

The possibilities for career advancement for nurses are great. In the three semesters it takes to finish an LVN to RN Bridge programs in los Angeles, you can enhance your job prospects as a licensed vocational nurse.

Here Is the Overview of LVN to RN Programs Los Angeles

Institution Course Duration NCLEX-RN Pass Rate Estimated Program Cost
Los Angeles  Harbour College 3 semesters 100% $1,860 + A-Cost 1650
Trade Technical College of Los Angeles 3 semesters 81.82% $1,860 + A-Cost 1650
Centre for the Sciences at Pierce College 2 Years 91.67% $6500 + A – Cost = N/A
United States Career College 6 to 10-week quarters 74.63%% Total = $49,730
Pasadena City University 3 semesters 92.22% $3500 + A – Cost = N/A
Southwest College of Los Angeles 3 semesters 76.09% $46 – $52 per unit
Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science 3 semesters 89.87% $498 per unit
University of Mount Saint Mary 3 semesters 64.04% N/A

Los Angeles Harbour College

LVN To RN Programs Los Angeles
Image of Harbour College

LPNs with a vocational nursing license have a bridge option to the RN degree through the Registered Nursing Program at Los Angeles Harbour College. After transferring in coursework from the LVN program, the program is meant to be finished in three semesters. Nursing science, theory, and practical patient care in a nearby hospital, clinic, nursing home, or at home are all included in the program. Students will practice in state-of-the-art clinical labs on campus to get ready for the clinical rotations. With an Associate of Science degree, graduates are eligible to sit for the NCLEX for Registered Nursing. LVNs are required to enroll in Nursing 329A and 329B, which are only offered in the Fall semester.

Program Schedule

  • Semester credits: 32
  • Duration: 3 semesters


  • Prerequisite courses – Introduction to Human Anatomy, Introduction to Physiology, General Microbiology or Introductory Microbiology, Life Span Psychology, College Reading and Composition, Nursing 329A and 329B are prerequisite courses.
  • Core Courses – Oral Communication or Interpersonal Communication, Nursing Process and Practice in the Psycho-Social Adaptation of the Adult Client, Nursing Process and practice in the Care of the Adult Client I, Nursing Process and Practice in the Care of the Adult Client II, Humanities Requirement, Nursing Process and Practice in the Health Care of Women and Families, Nursing Process and practice in the Care of Children, Nursing Process and practice in the Care of the Geriatric Client.

Admission requirements:

  • Admission to Harbour College can be requested.
  • Apply for advanced placement by submitting a completed application to the generic nursing program.
  • Obtain a grade of C or above in the required and LVN-RN transition courses.
  • To work as a vocational nurse in California, one must possess a valid nursing licence.
  • Take and pass the ATI TEAS with a minimum score of 62% on the first try, the needed cut score for the standardized admission test.
  • Official transcripts should be sent in two copies, one with the application and the other to LAHC Admissions and Records.

Program Price

Residents pay $1,860 in tuition each year. Costs for books and supplies are extra. For those who qualify, financial aid is offered to students.

  • Website:
  • Address: 1111 Figueroa Place, Wilmington, CA 90744
  • Phone:310-233-4000
  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 100%

Trade Technical College of Los Angeles

LVN To RN Programs Los Angeles
Image of Trade Technical College

After completing the LVN to RN Bridge courses, individuals holding a vocational nurse license are eligible to enroll in the second semester of the registered nursing career ladder program at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. The program is accredited by the Board of Registered Nursing and includes general education classes that progress from simple to sophisticated with lab experiences and nursing theory. Through their interaction with healthcare teams at community healthcare facilities, students will put the knowledge they have learnt in the classroom into practice.

In three semesters, licensed vocational nurses can finish the requirements for an RN degree. The State Board of Registered Nursing Licensing Exam will be open to graduates who wish to take it. In the fall and spring semesters, the program accepts new students. First-come, first-served policy governs admission.

Program Schedule

  • Semester credits: 32
  • Duration: 3 semesters


  • Prerequisite courses – Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, Introductory Microbiology, General Psychology I, Life Span Psychology: Infancy to Old Age, College Reading and Composition I, and Transition from LVN to RN are required prerequisite courses. If you are worry about pre-requisites requirement then you have to see this list.
  • Core Courses – Basic Nursing Simulation Lab, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Gerontology and Community Based Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Intermediate Nursing Simulation, Medical-Surgical Nursing II, Reproductive and Women’s Health, Advanced Nursing Simulation, Medical-Surgical Nursing III, Nursing Care of Child and Family, and Nursing Leadership and Management are the core courses.
  • Competencies – Using the nursing process to evaluate, plan, implement, and coordinate care for patients of all ages; work in coordination with other medical professionals to provide coordinated care; adhere to the requirements of the California Nurse Practice Act; and show dedication to the nursing profession.

Admission requirements

  • Submit your high school or GED diploma in writing.
  • Submit a certified copy of your transcript from an LVN program.
  • Complete the prerequisites for the program Convert from LVN to RN
  • Must hold a valid, unrestricted LVN license.
  • Participate in a workshop on prerequisite verification and nursing information sessions.
  • Provide the Health Science Pathway Counsellors with the completed necessary forms, and they will check and send them to the Nursing Program Office.
  • Complete the Nursing Program Application.
  • Score at least 62% on the ATI TEAS 6.0 nursing admission exam.
  • Complete an acceptable background check and drug test

Program Price

Approximately $1,860 is spent on tuition each year. The annual cost of books and supplies is $1,650 more.

Address: 400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90015
Phone: (213) 763-7170
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 81.82%

Centre for the Sciences at Pierce College

LVN To RN Programs Los Angeles
Image of Centre for the Sciences at Pierce College

Los Angeles Pierce College aids and supports nurses in pursuing their career goals. To this purpose, they provide Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) the opportunity to pursue an Associate in Science Degree in Nursing (ADN) as a means of career advancement. The California Board of Registered Nursing has given the program accreditation.
Admission is contingent on available space and applicants’ eligibility, which is determined by lottery. LVNs will be given advanced placement in the program after their transcripts and professional experience have been reviewed and their eligibility has been verified. In the core nursing courses, which also include practical patient care at nearby healthcare institutions, the training will combine classroom theory with clinical activities. Graduates will be able to apply for the California registration exam to become a registered nurse.

Program Schedule

  • Units: 39
  • Time: two years


  • Prerequisite courses – Anatomy and Physiology, English 101, Microbiology, Psychology 41, and Psychology I are required courses.
  • Core Courses – Adult Health I, Pharmacology, Geriatric Health, Psychosocial Aspects, Adult Health II, Psychiatric Health, Adult Health III, Maternal/Newborn Care, Adult Health IV, Pediatric Health, History, Trends, Issues, and Adult Health IV are the required core courses.

Admission requirements:

  • The LAPC Counselling Department provides comprehensive individual counselling and evaluation.
  • Must hold a valid, current California vocational nursing license.
  • One year of work experience in an acute care setting is advised.
  • Send authentic transcripts of your academic work to the LAPC Department of Nursing.
  • Complete the necessary courses in Anatomy and Physiology, English 101, Microbiology, Psychology 41, and Psychology I with a grade of C or higher.
  • Must have one year of Chemistry 51 or equivalent in high school and complete the math requirement for graduation from college.
  • A 2.5 GPA is required for Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology.
  • Take the ATI TEAS exam and pass it.
  • All health regulations must be met.
  • Must possess professional malpractice insurance in force
  • The National Student Nursing Association must be joined.
  • Must submit to the necessary background investigation and drug test

Program Price

The $6500 program charge does not cover the price of materials, textbooks, or fees.

  • Website
  • Address: 6201 Winnetka Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91371
  • Phone: (818) 719-6477
  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 91.67%

United States Career College

LVN To RN Programs Los Angeles
Image of United-States-Career-College

Practical nurses can enroll in the LVN Option of the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program to get credit for the 8 units of needed Nursing Science coursework. The prerequisites and course requirements for the ADN must be met by LVNs. Students will be equipped with the information and skills necessary to deliver professional care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions through theory and practical education in the classroom and lab.

Students will gain knowledge of how to communicate, access, and evaluate medical data using informatics in order to enhance patient outcomes. In order to graduate from the program and acquire an Associate Degree, students must complete 70 quarter credits. A hybrid delivery method is used for the program. Graduates will be qualified to take the NCLEX for Registered Nurses because the program has received approval from the California Board of Nursing.

Program Schedule

  • Quarter Credits:70
  • Duration: 6 10-week quarters


  • Prerequisite courses – Human Anatomy with Lab, Human Physiology, College Math, General Microbiology with Lab, and English Composition are prerequisite courses.
  • Core Courses – Pharmacology for Nursing, Maternal Child Nursing, Intermediate Medical/Surgical Nursing, Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing, Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing II, Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Lab/Clinical, Beginning Medical/Surgical Nursing, Intermediate Medical/Surgical Nursing Lab/Clinical, Leadership, Cultural Pluralism, Oral Communication, Professional Communication

Admission requirements:

  • Complete the campus tour and admissions interview.
  • Fill out and submit the American Career College application.
  • Complete prerequisite courses in English Composition, Human Physiology with Lab, College Math, General Microbiology with Lab, and Human Anatomy with Lab with a grade of C or higher.
  • Current IV Certification is required.
  • Submit official GED and college transcripts as well as high school transcripts
  • In order to work as an LVN in California, you must possess a valid license.
  • Get a background check
  • The Wonderlic SLE, and pass it
  • Provide two letters of reference from professionals.
  • Complete an interview with the director and faculty of the program.
  • Take the HESI exam and achieve a passing score of 75% or above.
  • Complete a physical examination that verifies the applicant’s fitness for the position’s physical and mental demands.
  • Receive a negative TB test result
  • Offer proof of vaccination
  • Must maintain active health insurance

Program Price

The whole cost of the program, including tuition, fees, books, and supplies, is $49,730.

Pasadena City University, LA

LVN To RN Programs Los Angeles
Image of Pasadena City University

The Pasadena City College LVN to RN (Career Ladder) option is available to Licensed Vocational Nurses who desire to become Registered Nurses. The additional information and abilities needed for RN licensing will be covered throughout the course.

Building nursing theory and the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health in people with complicated health conditions will be emphasized by knowledgeable professors. Graduates are awarded an Associate in Science degree as well as a Certificate of Achievement, making them qualified to sit for the NCLEX-Registered Nurse exam.

Program Schedule

  • Credits: 72
  • Duration: 3 semesters long


  • Prerequisite courses – College reading and composition, elementary statistics, microbiology, human anatomy, and human physiology are prerequisite courses.
  • Core Courses – Nursing Role Transition, Maternal Newborn Nursing, Maternal Newborn Nursing Lab, Pediatric Nursing, Pediatric Nursing Lab, Beginning Medical Surgical Nursing, Beginning Nursing – Seminar, Pharmacology: Process and Problems, and Pediatric Nursing are among the core courses. Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing, Advanced Nursing Seminar, Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing, Intermediate Nursing – Seminar, Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Lab

Admission requirements:

  • To PCC’s general entrance application
  • Before enrolling in the nursing required courses, consult with a counsellor.
  • Must possess a GED or the equivalent high school diploma
  • Healthcare providers must own and keep their American Heart Association CPR/BLS cards current.
  • Nursing malpractice insurance is required.
  • Transcripts of past college studies are required.
  • Take the prerequisite classes and pass them with a C or above.
  • The results of a recent physical exam showing the necessary vaccinations and titers as proof of good health
  • Must clear a drug test and criminal background check

Program Price

For citizens of California, tuition is $3,500. A health checkup, uniform, shoes, name badge, stethoscope, ATI package, background check, books, parking, a CPR card, an application for RN licensure, the NCLEX exam fee, and a Live Scan fingerprinting fee are additional expenses.

Southwest College of Los Angeles

LVN To RN Programs Los Angeles
Image of Southwest College of Los Angeles

The LVN to RN Bridge Program at Los Angeles Southwest College prepares students for work as registered nurses. LVNs will enroll in the program in the second semester and finish the ADN degree requirements in three semesters.

An associate in science degree in nursing will be awarded to students who satisfactorily fulfil the prerequisites. Students will be confident in their theoretical capacity to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. They will have the skills necessary to act as cooperative team members of the interdisciplinary health care team, use excellent written and oral communication, and be ready for work as entry-level registered nurses.

Program Schedule

  • Units: 28
  • Duration: 3 semesters long


  • Prerequisite courses – College reading and composition, public speaking, general psychology, lifespan psychology, introduction to sociology, intermediate algebra, fundamentals of chemistry, introduction to human anatomy, introduction to human physiology, introduction to microbiology, and intermediate algebra are prerequisite courses.
  • Core Courses – Maternal and Child Health Nursing (Obstetrics), Maternal and Child Health Nursing (Pediatrics), Psychiatric Nursing, Directed Studies. Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing B, and Directed Studies
  • General Education Courses – Humanities, American Institution, Kinesiology, and Math 125 are all general education courses.

Admission requirements:

  • A diploma from a U.S. high school or its equivalent
  • A minimum grade of C in Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, and Microbiology required courses, with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.
  • Possess no contagious illnesses, infections, or psychosocial abnormalities.
  • Before admission, complete a physical examination.
  • Demonstrate immunity to the MMR, varicella, and hepatitis B through titers.
  • Have a valid CPR certification for healthcare professionals
  • Prior to participating in the course’s clinical component, have student liability insurance.
  • Become a member of the National Student Nurses Association’s local and national branches.
  • Obtain trustworthy transportation to the clinical locations
  • To prove your ability in math computation, take the ATI TEAS exam. The college’s benchmark score is 62%.
  • complete drug tests and criminal background checks
  • Must hold a current, valid LVN licence.

Program Price

Residents of California pay $46 – $52 per unit in tuition while non-residents pay $282. The student is responsible for paying the costs of the required books, supplies, malpractice insurance, BLS for Healthcare Provider, and health requirements.

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

LVN To RN Programs Los Angeles
Image of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

Licensed vocational nurses can choose the 30-unit option at Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science to fulfil the prerequisites for taking the NCLEX-RN as a non-graduate. As members of an interdisciplinary health care team, the students will be equipped to provide patient care. If you choose the 30-unit option, it’s possible that you won’t be able to enroll in a BSN program in California or another state or prove your eligibility for licensure in states other than California. The practice of nurses who complete the 30-unit option is unrestricted in the state.

Program Schedule

  • 30 units, excluding prerequisites and general education.
  • Duration: 3 semesters long


  • Prerequisite courses – Human Anatomy with Lab, Human Physiology with Lab, Microbiology with Lab, College Composition, Life Span Psychology, and Sociology are prerequisite courses.
  • Core Courses – Leadership Management (Capstone), Applied Microbiology, Pathophysiology, Physical Assessment, Pharmacology, Medical/Surgical

Admission requirements:

  • Submit a finished application along with a $50 non-refundable fee.
  • A CA BVN unrestricted LVN license is required.
  • Obtain a B- or better in the necessary courses – English, Sociology, Psychology, Nutrition, Human Physiology with Lab, Statistics, Speech/Communication, Human Anatomy and Lab
  • Take the HESI A2 exam and pass it with a minimum total score of 75%.
  • Send three letters of recommendation that speak to your ability on the job, relationships with coworkers, communication and interpersonal skills, potential for leadership, and values.
  • Send your curriculum vitae or CV.
  • Attend a faculty member’s interview.
  • Must have a negative criminal history check

Program Price

Each unit of tuition costs $498. Fees, books, shoes, supplies, challenge examinations, and general education courses are examples of additional costs.

  • Website:
  • Address:1731 E. 120th St., Los Angeles, CA 90059
  • Phone:(323) 563-4800
  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 87%

University of Mount Saint Mary

Image of University of Mount Saint Mary

For California Licensed Vocational Nurses preparing for state licensure, Mount Saint Mary’s University provides a non-degree RN alternative. Although students won’t graduate, they will be qualified to sit for the California NCLEX-RN exam.

The graduate might not be qualified to work as a registered nurse outside of California because a degree is not awarded. There might be fewer opportunities to enroll in bachelor’s degree programs.

Program Schedule

  • Credits: 26
  • Duration: 3 semesters long


  • Prerequisite courses – College reading and composition, elementary statistics, microbiology, human anatomy, and human physiology are prerequisite courses
  • Core Courses – Palliative Care, Adult Medical Surgical II, Childbearing Families/And Women’s Health, Children and Families, Integrative Theory/Practice, Evidence-Based practice Advanced Health Assessment, Community/Public Health, Leadership/Health Policy, Gerontology, Mental Health, and Transition to Professional practice.

Admission requirements:

  • To MSMC’s general entrance application
  • Must possess a valid, current LVN license; a photocopy of the license must be provided.
  • Declare your intention to register in the 30-unit option by sending a notification to the department of nursing admissions office.
  • Submit a health document with the necessary vaccinations filled out.
  • Complete a positive drug test
  • Must be certified in CPR today Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider, American Heart Association
  • A valid Fire Safety Card is required, as is student malpractice insurance.
  • Successfully complete a criminal background investigation.
  • Finalize, test, or transfer Cost of the 4U Physiology and 4U Microbiology programs.
  • All qualified students are eligible for financial aid.

Program Price

Financial aid is available to eligible students.

  • Website
  • Address: 12001 Chalon Road, Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Phone: 310.954.4000
  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 64.04%

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