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Baylor University is a private research institute in Waco, Texas. This institute was chartered in 1845 by the last Congress of the Republic of Texas. Baylor is considered to be the oldest continuously operating university in Texas and also one of the first educational institutions west of the Mississippi River in the United States.

Baylor Speech Pathology Master’s Program:

Baylor University’s Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences offers a Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) program, designed for aspiring speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for children and adults with speech, language, and hearing disorders.

Baylor University presents one of the oldest, largest, and most distinguished graduate programs that is dedicated to people with speech, hearing, and language problems. The Master’s of Science Degree Program in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders has a rich tradition and history at Baylor University that spans over 50 years.

Baylor Speech Pathology Masters Admission Deadline:

The admissions deadlines for the fall of 2022 have been updated for the Baylor Speech pathology Master’s program. The admission deadlines for Baylor speech pathology masters are given below:

Early Priority Application DeadlinePriority Application Deadline  Final Application Deadline  
January 10, 2022February 7, 2022  March 7, 2022
May 10, 2022May 31, 2022June 27, 2022

Baylor Speech Pathology Masters Acceptance Rate:

According to the resources from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the acceptance rate for speech pathology graduate school is almost 39% in recent years. But the average rate for those who got accepted was just above 23.1% for the period 2010-2020. This acceptance rate makes this field a bit competitive for the students to get admission.

Baylor Speech Pathology Master’s Admission Requirements:

Baylor speech pathology Master’s has the following criteria for the students to get admission for the Master’s degree:

  1. GPA requirements:

GPA requirements are as follows:

A minimum of 3.0-grade point average (GPA) is required to apply for the Baylor speech pathology Master’s program. The average GPA for admission may be higher.

  1. GRE requirements:

There is no minimum GRE or GMAT score that is required for admission for Baylor speech pathology Master’s program.

  1. Other requirements:

To apply for a speech-language pathology Master’s program, you need a Bachelor’s degree. If you do not have a CSD degree, you should complete prerequisite courses before you begin a Master’s program.

Baylor Speech Pathology Masters Application:

To apply for Baylor Speech Pathology Master’s program, you will have to complete the online application form. You will have the option to upload your scanned documents now or later in the process. The form will ask you some basic questions that include your details, preferred program, and your education history. This will help the institute assess your academic level. You will also have the option to save the form at any point and complete it later. You must read the Terms and Conditions carefully before applying for the program. Baylor Speech Pathology Master’s Online program has a similar method of application.

Baylor Speech Pathology Master’s Tuition:

Baylor Speech Pathology master’s program costs and tuition fees are detailed below:

A master’s degree in speech-language pathology at a public university usually costs $23,000-$75,000 for tuition and fee each year in the USA. The costs of the program depend upon the focus and the length of the program and the student’s state of residence. The other expenses including books, supplies, room, board, and other expenses bring the total costs to $50,000-$125,000.

The total cost for the speech-language pathology Master’s program at Baylor University is almost $36,936.

Baylor Speech Pathology Master’s Program enrollment:

Baylor’s Master’s of Science degree program typically accepts over 80 active Master’s level students each academic year for their on-campus classes.  

Is Baylor Speech Pathology Master’s is accredited?

Yes, the Master of Science (M.s.) education program in speech-language pathology at Baylor University is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Langauge Pathology of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Baylor Speech Pathology Masters Online

Baylor University also offers an online speech pathology Master’s program. This online Master’s program is deeply rooted in research, clinical experiences, and real-world competencies. This will help you in your career and empower you to serve diverse communities facing communication difficulties in their daily lives. The online program is suitable for the students unable to attend on-campus classes and still seek the best way to serve the community through their services.

After completing your Master’s in speech pathology online and pursuing your license, you will serve the field as a compassionate and knowledgeable clinician. You’ll be ready to make an impact in the lives of your clients and their families.

Baylor Speech Pathology Master’s Online Program Duration

This 45-credit SLP program can be completed in five trimesters (full-time) or seven to eleven trimesters (part-time). You will also be required to complete clinical practice and a clinical internship as a part of this program.

Baylor Speech Pathology Masters Online Prerequisites:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • GRE scores: Not required
  • Clinical experience in some cases
  • Resume
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Courses in Phonetics, Speech and language development, speech science, and others.

Baylor Speech Pathology Masters Online Cost:

The Master of Sciences in Communication Sciences and Disorders Online program consists of 45-credit programs. These credit programs provide the same engaging and interactive atmosphere as Baylor’s on-campus speech program classes. The tuition fee for online credits or a Master’s program is $1,785 per hour for the session 2021-2022.

Baylor Speech Pathology Online Master’s Program Requirements:

To apply for an online Master’s program in speech pathology at Baylor University, you must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. An undergraduate GPA of 3.4 or higher is preferred in this online program. Another requirement for this online program for speech pathology is the undergraduate coursework in basic science.  

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