Best Accounting Schools in US

Choosing a career is the most challenging aspect of every student’s life as they progress from high school to college and university. However, we have settled on accounting as our profession but are unsure of which institution offers the best accounting schools in US.

So what to do? Here is below a list of top accounting schools in us with what programs they are offering, it will be very convenient for you to apply to each school as per their eligibility criteria and see which one will accept you.

In addition to that other essential consideration, you need to take into account while applying to any of the below list schools.

  • Cost: If you want to live on campus, you should receive a detailed breakdown of tuition and fees, including room and board. This will tell you how much financial help you’ll need, if you’ll need to apply for extra scholarships, and how much in student loans you’ll need.
  • Success Rate: By success rate, we mean the number of students who return after their first year, often known as the school’s retention rate. Also, how many students received their diplomas? These figures should be in the hundreds of percentiles. If they aren’t, you should inquire as to why.
  • Registration: You must determine how many applicants are accepted. Inquire about the minimal criteria for enrolment, including as GPA, necessary coursework, extracurricular activities, and test scores. Knowing the requirements for admission might help you decide if the institution is worth your time.

If you want a best accounting program in best accounting school in US, then you can choose the topmost accounting program in US and find that particular program in the best universties listed down.

Here Are List of Best Accounting Schools in US

McCombs School of Business

Best Accounting Schools in US

This school is housed by the University of Texas, located in Austin UT. Mcombs School is one of the most popular accounting programs, offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

Results of these particular accounting degrees are outstanding in terms of job demand, growth in salary, and worldwide recognition.

Total Enrollment: 12600In-State: $51,020
Undergraduate Enrollment: 10,000Out-of-State: $56,572
Graduate Enrollment: 2,600# of Applicants: 55,622
Graduation Rate: 91%% Admitted: 22%
Student Faculty Ratio: 10 to 1Retention Rate: 94%

Wharton School of Business

Best Accounting Schools in US

Another top rank school in the entire world is mapped in the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. This university is the most popular not only in accounting but in statistics, math and several other subjects.

Penn has one of the top accounting faculties of any institution in the country, which is a significant benefit for overseas students. The accounting and business programs at the school have received widespread worldwide and national recognition for their excellence in teaching, and the institution boasts one of the largest business departments of any university in the United States.

Total Enrollment: 6,849In-State: $53,930
Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,047Out-of-State: $53,930
Graduate Enrollment: 1,802Average Net Price: $26,782
Graduation Rate: 95%# of Applicants: 25,622
Student Faculty Ratio: 9 to 1% Admitted: 22%
Average Grads Salary: $82,000Retention Rate: 94%
10 Year ROI*: $712,872 

The Indiana school

Best Accounting Schools in US

Indiana school is housed by Notre Dame University which is one of the most famous universities in the US. Offering an excellent program in accounting for bachelors and for graduates especially in Master of Science in accounting.

The school has a 97 percent graduation rate and a total enrolment of about 12,607 students. Undergraduate accounting students have a placement rate of 98 percent, while master’s degree students have a placement rate of 100 percent.

Total Enrollment: 12,607In-State: $54,441
Undergraduate Enrollment: 8,617Out-of-State: $54,441
Graduate Enrollment: 3,990Average Net Price: $30,229
Graduation Rate: 95%# of Applicants: 20,371
Student Faculty Ratio: 10 to 1% Admitted: 18%
Average Grads Salary: $81,000Retention Rate: 98%
10 Year ROI*: $689,084 

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Robert H. Smith School of the Business University of Maryland, College Park provides a strong undergraduate and graduate accounting program, but not everyone is eligible for admission. Regardless of how much money you have to pay for tuition, stringent standards and a strong academic record are required for admission. Robert H. Smith School of the Business University of Maryland, College Park.

Total Enrollment: 41,200In-State: $11,845
Undergraduate Enrollment: 30,762Out-of-State: $36,466
Graduate Enrollment: 2,057Average Net Price: $16,790
Graduation Rate: 87%# of Applicants: 33,497
Student Faculty Ratio: 18 to 1% Admitted: 47%
Average Grads Salary: $76,000Retention Rate: 95%
10 Year ROI*: $692,840 

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a private university in the heart of Chicago’s thriving commercial district. UChicago boasts an internationally known faculty and produces some of the best accounting students in the country and the globe. Furthermore, UChicago has a strong reputation for welcoming foreign students from all around the world.

Total Enrollment: 14,739In-State: $59233
Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,734Out-of-State: $59,233
Graduate Enrollment: 8,005% Admitted: 6%
Graduation Rate: 95%Retention Rate: 97%
Student Faculty Ratio: 10 to 1 
Average Grads Salary: $66,000 
10 Year ROI*: $612,276 

Kelley School of Business

The Indiana University Bloomington has Kelly school of business, offers a Master in Business Administration in Accounting, a combined five-year program for those seeking an accounting MBA, and a one-year Master of Science in Accounting.

A Ph.D. in accounting is also available.

Total Enrollment: 43,503In-State: $11,611
Undergraduate Enrollment: 33,301Out-of-State: $36,386
Graduate Enrollment: 10,202Average Net Price: $11,931
Graduation Rate: 86%# of Applicants: 44,169
Student Faculty Ratio: 16 to 1% Admitted: 77%
Average Grads Salary: $66,000Retention Rate: 91%
10 Year ROI*: $612,276 

Leventhal School of Accounting

Best Accounting Schools in US

The Leventhal School of accounting is a part of the university of southern California, located in Los Angeles, offering a complete BS in accounting program, they also offer a one-year special program that only leads to a master of science in accounting and Master’s in accounting.

There is also a master of business taxation degree available.

Total Enrollment: 47,310In-State:$56,225
Graduation Rate: 92%Out-of-State: :$56,225
Diplomas Awarded: 236# of Applicants: 45,169
Graduation Rate: 86%% Admitted: 77%
Student Faculty Ratio: 16 to 1Retention Rate: 91%
Average Grads Salary: $66,000 
10 Year ROI*: $612,276 

Villanova University

Another top university in this Pennsylvania state means that the level of education and the teaching level is more than excellent.

Offering not only accounting undergraduate degree but help the student to peruse a Master in accounting or Master of Science in accounting.

Villanova University ranks among the most top 10 universities in terms of major in accounting and major in mathematics.

Total Enrollment: 11,030In-State:$53,308
Graduation Rate: 91%Out-of-State:$53,308
Diplomas Awarded: 77# of Applicants: 42,169

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