Ba or Bs in Psychology for Clinical Psychology

After deciding to go for psychology, many students get confused when there are two similar undergraduate degrees available and you simply don’t know where to go, so here we emphasize and elaborate about  Ba or Bs in Psychology for Clinical Psychology

A wrong choice could lead to a waste of time, money, make sure what you are choosing is best for you for better career opportunities.

Ba in Psychology

Ba means (bachelors of art), Most of your subjects are more on political science, more of a general education includes in this degree, and In addition to that student who chooses this degree may have to go for foreign language.

Ba in psychology best for those students who are interested in exploring other topics apart from psychology. This degree is more of in general nature and has relatively fewer major subjects instead have more of a mix in about other subjects.

Students who choose this degree option can also opt to go on to further study in:

  • Business
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Law
  • Media
  • Political science
  • Social work
  • Research

BS in Psychology

Bs means (Bachelors in Science), this degree emphasizes more on science and mathematics subject’s and have a more major subject extensively rather than in general nature.

Students who pursue a BS have a deeper focus on their primary field of study and take more psychological courses than those who want a BA. Research techniques and applied psychology courses may be more prominent in the subject matter section of the program.

Bachelors of Science is best for those students who are interested in science and want to pursue their career in Psychology then BS is more of a better option than BA.

Students who choose this degree option can also opt to go on to further study in:

  • Neuroscience
  • Statistical analysis
  • Clinical psychology.

What to Choose Ba or Bs in Psychology for Clinical Psychology?

Both the BA Psychology and the BSc Psychology can lead to a career in Clinical Psychology, many BSc Psychology programs provide greater preparation for additional graduate studies in the profession.

But here is a deciding factors…

  • BA led to you as a Clinical Psychology Research

As discussed that BA students led to more of a Law, business, etc, although a BA in Psychology can also prepare you for a career in clinical psychology, but more of a researcher than a practitioner in hospitals, private practice, and med schools, etc.

And to be a researcher it is best for you to do a Ph.D. in Psychology.

  • BS led to you as a clinical Psychology practitioners

If you want to work as a clinician or clinical psychologist at a hospital, private practice, school, or even medical school, this is the program for you. If you want to pursue a graduate degree in psychology, which is required to become a Clinical Psychologist, a BSc is preferable.

If you plan to work directly with patients, enroll in either a master’s degree program or a Psy.D. In Clinical Psychology (Doctor of Psychology).

Salary and Career Differences

By 2026, graduates with a BA in psychology who go on to graduate school and become psychology professionals will see a 14 percent increase in career opportunities. A BA degree opens up career options in business, law, criminal justice, and journalism since it includes courses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

A BA degree prepares students for jobs such as social service caseworkers, human resource experts, and nonprofit program associates by teaching them communication and critical thinking abilities.

Students who get a bachelor’s of science degree in psychology develop analytical and research abilities that may be used to jobs such as psychiatric technicians, laboratory assistants, career counselors, and rehabilitation caseworkers. Both BA and BS degrees prepare students to empathize with others, analyze and comprehend customers’ requirements, and operate in the best interests of people around them.

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