How Much Does a Chiropractor Make State Wise

Are you thinking about a career as a chiropractor and have your eyes on working at The Joint Chiropractic? Well, it turns out that your opportunities can differ depending on which state you pick. This article will offer you the latest information on chiropractor salaries across the United States.

We will also give you advice on enhancing your income as a chiropractor and answer common questions about this profession.

Who is a chiropractor?

Chiropractors assess and treat patients’ neuromusculoskeletal system, which includes nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They use spinal adjustments and manipulation, as well as other clinical interventions, to manage patients’ health issues, such as back and neck pain.


Chiropractors typically do the following:

  • Review a patient’s medical history and listen to their concerns
  • Perform a physical examination to analyze the patient’s posture, spine, and reflexes
  • Offering neuromusculoskeletal therapy includes the manipulation of a patient’s spinal column and additional joints.
  • Give additional treatments, such as applying heat or cold to a patient’s injured areas
  • Advise patients on health and lifestyle issues, such as exercise and nutrition
  • Refer patients to other healthcare professionals if needed
How Much Does a Chiropractor Make State Wise
Image of Chiropractor Exercise

Chiropractors address a range of issues related to the neuromusculoskeletal system. They concentrate on alleviating pain in the back, neck, and joints to enhance patients’ overall well-being. The aim is to improve the body’s movement and functionality.

To diagnose a patient’s condition, chiropractors often use both external and internal evaluations. For example, a chiropractor might assess a patient’s shoulder discomfort by evaluating their range of motion. They may then proceed with X-rays to gather more comprehensive data.

In addition to spinal adjustments and manipulation, some chiropractors employ techniques like massage therapy, rehabilitative exercises, and electrical muscle stimulation as part of their treatment approach for patients. They may also use supports like braces or tape to help patients and reduce pain.

Chiropractors can specialize in areas such as sports, neurology, or nutrition in addition to running a general chiropractic practice. Chiropractors who are self-employed or working in private practice may have extra duties like promoting their business, recruiting employees, and maintaining records.

If you’re considering becoming a chiropractor or want to learn more about this career path, you might be curious about how much they earn state-wise. The answer depends on several factors: education, experience, location, demand, and competition.

Average Chiropractor Salary in the United States:

How Much Does a Chiropractor Make State Wise
Image of Average Salary bar of Chiropractor

As of June 9, 2023, the mean monthly salary for a Chiropractor in the United States stands at $6,281.

According to ZipRecruiter, the earnings of Chiropractors can vary significantly, with some individuals generating as much as $9,083 per month while others receive as little as $2,667. However, the majority of Chiropractors earn between $5,000 (25th percentile) and $7,166 (75th percentile) per month across the nation. This indicates a substantial potential for growth and increased remuneration based on factors such as expertise, location, and years of experience.

Recent postings for Chiropractor positions on ZipRecruiter reveal a highly active job market in Chicago, IL, and the neighboring vicinity. On average, Chiropractors in this area earn $7,094 per month, surpassing the national average of $6,281 by $813 (13%). Consequently, Chicago, IL emerges as the top-ranked state in terms of Chiropractor earnings.

Chiropractors’ earnings can differ greatly depending on the state in which they practice.

How Much Does a Chiropractor Make State Wise


Median Salary: $75,380

Projected job growth: 10.4%

  • 10th Percentile: $38,170
  • 25th Percentile: $52,750
  • 75th Percentile: $100,320
  • 90th Percentile: $132,630
State Median Salary Bottom 10% Top 10%
Alabama $66,370 $44,010 $117,580
Alaska $78,350 $47,490 $216,770
Arizona $63,800 $47,990 $105,860
Arkansas $77,480 $29,510 $226,660
California $78,980 $40,170 $127,810
Colorado $90,390 $33,180 $119,830
Connecticut $99,610 $48,580 $145,500
Delaware $64,270 $41,760 $154,720
Florida $79,720 $46,630 $127,940
Georgia $86,380 $60,210 $97,880
Hawaii $57,420 $21,010 $99,550
Idaho $80,940 $39,790 $101,750
Illinois $61,200 $42,370 $103,180
Indiana $84,710 $45,220 $172,470
Iowa $60,620 $27,650 $91,800
Kansas N/A N/A N/A
Kentucky $72,580 $44,250 $170,910
Louisiana $63,960 $26,950 $127,290
Maine $60,880 $26,520 $127,340
Maryland $105,560 $32,490 $134,540
Massachusetts $102,840 $51,660 $158,000
Michigan $69,660 $35,090 $135,140
Minnesota $75,230 $46,200 $133,340
Mississippi $59,720 $24,310 $170,000
Missouri $60,090 $30,600 $166,330
Montana $61,500 $30,290 $93,870
Nebraska $69,070 $27,590 $160,410
Nevada $97,930 $51,930 N/A
New Hampshire $78,180 $46,050 $176,230
New Jersey $86,130 $62,400 $221,230
New Mexico $66,430 $26,640 $106,740
New York $93,260 $45,030 $130,000
North Carolina $79,470 $40,870 $135,280
North Dakota N/A N/A N/A
Ohio $65,180 $44,260 $131,640
Oklahoma $47,850 $35,800 $142,460
Oregon $84,990 $51,020 $123,850
Pennsylvania $59,960 $26,820 $103,220
Rhode Island N/A N/A N/A
South Carolina $63,980 $29,990 $98,810
South Dakota $71,430 $61,020 $106,350
Tennessee $62,220 $30,990 $101,650
Texas $78,000 $23,400 $120,020
Utah $63,570 $35,600 $157,610
Vermont $58,360 $50,690 $124,800
Virginia $62,040 $42,400 $145,370
Washington $71,990 $36,000 $149,360
West Virginia $77,380 $42,630 $177,420
Wisconsin $74,130 $42,460 $129,150

Note: This Data taken by
$45,820 $22,520 $198,310

Some states pay significantly more than others while some pay significantly less. Since a chiropractor may work in a chiropractic office with other doctors or own their own office, the yearly average pay for this profession can have fairly large differences.

Top 10 States Where Chiropractors Earn the Most Money:

The Top 5 States of the USA where Chiropractor earns the most money are as follows:

State Hourly mean wage Weekly wage Monthly wage Annual salaries
Florida $42.33 $1,693.20 $7,317.33 $88,040
California $43.28 $1,731.20 $7,502.67 $90,020
Texas $42.31 $1,692.40 $7,314.00 $88,000
Georgia $40.99 $1,639.60 $7,098.00 $85,270
New York $46.98 $1,879.20 $8,142.67 $97,720

The Top 10 cties of the USA where Chiropractor earns the most money are as follows:

City Annual        Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Palo Alto, CA  $89,271   $7,439  $1,716    $42.92
San Mateo, CA  $88,539   $7,378  $1,702    $42.57
Boston, MA $88,081  $7,340  $1,693    $42.35
Green River, WY        $87,894  $7,324  $1,690    $42.26
West Medford, MA $87,529  $7,294 $1,683    $42.08
Daly City, CA   $87,308  $7,275  $1,679    $41.98
Renton, WA   $87,193  $7,266  $1,676    $41.92
Berkeley, CA   $86,874  $7,239  $1,670    $41.77
Santa Monica, CA       $86,815  $7,234  $1,669    $41.74
Reston, VA   $86,253 $7,187  $1,658    $41.47

The field of chiropractic has received increasing popularity over time. As said inside the Occupational Outlook manual with the aid of the Bureau of Exertions information, the Employment of chiropractors is projected to develop by 10 percent from 2021 to 2031,faster than the average for all professions. About 2,100 openings for chiropractors are projected every year, on common, over the decade. Many of the one’s openings are expected to result from the want to update employees who transfer to distinct occupations or exit the hard work pressure, including retiring.

Demand is predicted to grow for chiropractic offerings as a nonsurgical, drug-loose manner to treat aches and enhance average wellness. The growing interest in integrative or complementary healthcare has increased the appeal of chiropractic treatment for the lower back, neck, limbs, and related joints. As a result, chiropractors are increasingly running with other healthcare workers, consisting of physicians and physical therapists, through referrals and complementary care.

What are the Top 5 Best Paying Related Chiropractor Jobs in the U.S.?

We discovered at least five jobs related to the Chiropractor process category that pay greater in keeping with the year than an ordinary Chiropractor’s earnings. Top examples of these roles encompass work-at-home Chiropractic medical doctor, Chiropractor physician, and international Chiropractic.

Importantly, all of those jobs are paid between $10,071 (13.4%) and $ 78,622 (104.Three%) extra than the average Chiropractor’s income of $75,378. If you’re certified, getting hired for such a related Chiropractor job may additionally assist you’re making extra cash than that of the common Chiropractor function.

Job Title  Annual Salary                                                 Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Work From Home Chiropractic Physician $154,000 $12,833 $2,961   $74.04
Chiropractor Doctor $87,597 $7,299 $1,684    $42.11
Dr. Chiropractic $85,449 $7,120 $1,643    $41.08
Chiro-practitioner $85,449 $7,120 $1,643    $41.08
Sports Chiropractic $85,449 $7,120 $1,643    $41.08

These are obtained from a combination of job listings provided by employers and data sources from third parties.

Factors That Affect Chiropractor Salaries

As we have observed, the earnings of chiropractors can fluctuate significantly based on the state in which they work. But what are some of the factors that contribute to these differences? Here, I have compiled a list of the most notable ones:


Chiropractors need to have a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from a recognized program. Chiropractic colleges are authorized by The Council on Chiropractic Education. This commonly takes 4 years of graduate-degree training after completing a bachelor’s degree. A few states may additionally require chiropractors to have extra education or training in specific regions, including nutrition, sports medicine, or pediatrics. The more education and credentials a chiropractor has, the more likely they are to earn a higher salary. The additional information and training gained through specialized education can make them more acceptable to employers and clients, increasing their earning potential. Chiropractors who pursue postgraduate certifications or advanced degrees, including a Master’s or Ph.D., may have an advantage in terms of earning potential.


Chiropractors who have more years of experience in the field have a tendency to earn more than those who are just starting out. Experience can assist chiropractors build a loyal client base, expand their popularity, and enhance their competencies and expertise. In keeping with the average chiropractor’s salaries increase by approximately 10% for each five years of experience.


The location is a crucial determinant of income stages for chiropractors. Salaries can vary extensively depending on the country or region where chiropractors practice. States with cities recognized for higher living costs and better average salaries, which include New York and California, typically offer higher salaries for chiropractors. Alternatively, states like Wyoming, Utah, and Arkansas may also have decreased average chiropractors’ salaries. It’s well worth noting that those examples are primarily based on Glassdoor records and are subject to change through the years.

  • New York: $105,522
  • California: $97,850
  • Rhode Island: $84,042
  • Connecticut: $79,390

Beyond wherein you work in the US, your place of employment also affects your earnings. According to the BLS survey, conducted in 2021, 64% of chiropractors were employed in chiropractic offices, earning an average annual salary of $73,990. On the other hand, a smaller percentage of chiropractors worked in medical doctor’s offices, but those who did earn higher salaries, with an average annual income of $79,810.


Chiropractors who work in states or areas wherein there is excessive demand for their services have a tendency to earn more than people who work in states or areas wherein there may be low demand. Demand can be influenced by factors consisting of population size, demographics, health traits, coverage insurance, and public awareness. As stated earlier, within the Occupational Outlook Handbook by using the Bureau of labor statistics, the Employment of chiropractors is projected to develop by 10 percent from 2021 to 2031, faster than the average for all occupations. That is because of elements such as a getting old population, improved hobby in alternative health care, and increased recognition of the advantages of chiropractic care.


Chiropractors who work in states or regions where there’s excessive competition for their services generally tend to earn much less than those who work in states or areas in which there is low competition. Competition may be prompted by elements including the number of chiropractors per capita, the provision of other healthcare providers, and the rules and laws governing chiropractic practice.

In General, the combination of education, experience, demand location, and competition together determines the salary ranges for chiropractors. Even though factors like Education, experience, and location have exceedingly trustworthy relationships with earnings, demand, and competition can vary depending on the specific dynamics of a given location or state. It’s critical for chiropractors to consider those factors whilst making decisions about their professional paths and practice locations.

How to Optimize Your Income as a Chiropractor?

If you’re a chiropractor or aspiring to be one, you may be wondering how to optimize your income and make the most of your career. Here are some tips to help you increase your earning potential in the chiropractic field:

Choose your location strategically:

Location can significantly impact your income as a chiropractor. To maximize your earnings, consider working in a state or region where there is high demand and limited competition for your services. Urban areas may also offer the advantage of higher fees and a larger client base. However, don’t forget to factor in the cost of living and your personal preferences when selecting your practice location.

Specialize in a specific niche:

Chiropractors who specialize in a particular area tend to earn more than those who provide general services. This differentiation allows you to attract clients seeking your specific expertise and charge higher fees for your specialized skills and knowledge. Examples of niche areas in chiropractic include sports medicine, pediatrics, nutrition, acupuncture, neurology, orthopedics, and rehabilitation.

Cultivate your reputation and network:

Chiropractors with a strong reputation and a wide professional network tend to earn more. A positive reputation leads to more referrals, testimonials, reviews, and word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied clients, colleagues, and partners. Your network can also provide opportunities for growth, learning new skills, and accessing valuable resources. To build your reputation and network, focus on delivering excellent service, achieving results, effective communication, seeking feedback, staying updated with the latest research, joining professional associations, attending events and conferences, and establishing an online presence.

Expand your services and products:

Offering a broader range of services and products can increase your earning potential. Diversifying your offerings allows you to tap into additional revenue streams, cater to diverse client needs, and preferences. Consider adding services like massage therapy, physical therapy, and nutritional counseling, and offering products such as supplements, orthotics, braces, pillows, books, videos, and courses.

Optimize your pricing and billing:

Effective pricing and billing strategies can positively impact your income. By optimizing these aspects, you can maximize profits, reduce expenses, and improve cash flow. Research market rates and demand for your services, set fees based on value and results, offer discounts or packages for loyal clients, accept various payment methods and insurance plans, promptly handle invoices and overdue payments, track income and expenses regularly, and consider using accounting software or professional help to manage finances.

By applying these strategies, you can enhance your earning potential as a chiropractor and make the most of your career in the field.

How much does a chiropractor make per year?

As of May 25, 2023, the typical income for a Chiropractor in the United States is $161,650. However, salaries can vary and generally range from $137,368 to $222,842.

How much does a chiropractor make per hour?

The average hourly Chiropractor’s salary in the United States is $77.72 as of May 25, 2023

How much does a chiropractor make as per experience?

According to, the average chiropractor’s salary increases by about 10% for every five years of experience. This means that a chiropractor with 10 years of experience can expect to earn about 20% more than a chiropractor with no experience. However, this is only an estimate and may vary depending on other factors, such as education, location, demand, and competition.

Top 5 best-paying related chiropractor jobs and their salaries state-wise:

Most chiropractors work full-time, but part-time work is common. Work schedules can be flexible and may involve evenings or weekends to meet the needs of patients. Chiropractors who are self-employed have the freedom to determine their own working hours. These are the top 5 best-paying related chiropractor jobs and their average annual salaries in the United States as of June 2023:

Job Title Average Annual Salary Monthly Wage Weekly Wage Hourly Wage
Chiropractor Doctor $70,555 $5,879.58 $1,357.21 $33.93
Part-Time Chiropractor $65,638 $5,469.83 $1,262.65 $31.57
Chiropractic Physician $64,906 $5,408.83 $1,248.96 $31.22
Chiropractor Part Time $64,906 $5,408.83 $1,248.96 $31.22
Associate Chiropractor $59,921 $4,993.42 $1,152.33 $28.81

However, these salaries may vary depending on the state where the job is located

Here are some examples of the average annual salaries for these jobs in different states:

State Chiropractor Doctor Part-Time Chiropractor Chiropractic Physician Chiropractor Part Time Associate Chiropractor
California $74,540 $69,333 $68,563 $68,563 $63,231
Texas $71,414 $66,310 $65,557 $65,557 $60,374
New York $75,378 $70,085 $69,304 $69,304 $63,876
Florida $66,657 $61,869 $61,149 $61,149 $56,325
Illinois $69,120 $64,433 $63,725 $63,725 $58,722

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does a chiropractor cost without insurance?

Chiropractic care offers the possibility of recovery and effective management for various conditions. The cost of a typical office consultation at a chiropractic clinic can range from $60 to $200. Some factors that can affect the cost are.

The chiropractor’s experience:

The extra experience and years of practice a Chiropractor has, the more they will charge a fee. Chiropractor prices may additionally boom if they have taken additional courses after their initial schooling.

Region of the chiropractor’s practice:

In areas in which the cost of living is excessive expect to pay for chiropractor costs. Chiropractors need to cover prices like hire, utilities, and staff salaries.

Competition within the area:

In areas with a significant concentration of chiropractors, costs may be reduced in order to maintain competitiveness.

Kind of treatment provided:

The fee will depend upon your condition, the type of treatment you require, and the type of treatment you need. For instance, a chiropractor can charge a fee of up to $70, while a spinal decompression may be as a lot as $250.

Nonetheless, the costs associated with chiropractic care can still be substantial if multiple visits and ongoing treatments are needed.

Q: How many years to be a chiropractor?

The Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree offered by Life University is a demanding program consisting of 14 quarters, usually requiring four years for completion. The curriculum is well-organized and follows a logical progression, incorporating both practical training and academic rigor. This educational approach enables students to become proficient and competent chiropractic healthcare professionals.

Q: Where do chiropractors make the most money?

The United States has certain states, like New York and California, where cities tend to offer higher salaries. These states are considered to be among the top-paying states in the country for chiropractors. On the other hand, states like Wyoming, Utah, and Arkansas are at the bottom of the list, offering comparatively lower salaries for chiropractic professionals.

Q: Can US chiropractors work in the UK?

Yes, US chiropractors can work in the UK if they meet certain requirements. As per the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), the governing body for chiropractors in the United Kingdom, chiropractors in the United States are required to possess a D.C. degree from an accredited program recognized by the GCC. They also need to register with GCC and pay an annual fee. They may also need to pass an assessment or complete additional training if their qualifications are not equivalent to UK standards. They also need to comply with GCC’s code of conduct and standards of practice.


To summarize, this article has presented the most up-to-date information on chiropractor salaries in the United States. It has outlined various factors that impact chiropractors’ earnings, including their education, experience, location, demand, and competition. Additionally, the article has offered valuable advice on maximizing income as a chiropractor, such as making strategic location choices, specializing in a specific area, building a strong reputation and network, diversifying services and products, and optimizing pricing and billing strategies. Furthermore, the article includes salary details for related chiropractic occupations and addresses common questions about chiropractor salaries. We hope you have found this article beneficial and informative. Should you have any inquiries or comments regarding chiropractor salaries or any related topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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