Physical Therapy Schools Ranked By Price

To become a physical therapist, you first need a DPT degree. There are several types of DPT programs and schools available. But finding the top DPT college is challenging because of their fees. So in this article, we have mentioned the best college with their prices so that you can choose according to your preferences.

Best DPT schools in 2022 with their program fees

DPT program is related to healthcare services. The main purpose of pursuing and DPT program is to remedy disability and impairment in people. It also treats people suffering from mobility difficulties and other related disabilities. After completing the DPT program, you will be called the Physical Therapist if you do a job. The most important concern is towards which DPT School will be best.

RankedPhysical Therapy SchoolsTuition Cost
1Mayo school of health-related sciences$91,105
2Regis university Rueckert Hartman college for medical professionals$90,750
3University of Maryland School of Medicine$75,392
4Kansas University Medical Centre$71,558
5University of Minnesota$71,168
6University of Washington$70,758
7University of New England$64,680
8University of Iowa$58,042
9University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences$56,676
10University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus$55,796
11Ohio State University$53,586
12University of Wisconsin – Madison$52,877
13University of North Carolina Chapel Hill$51,000
14Virginia Commonwealth University School of allied professionals$45,920
15University of Nebraska Medical Centre$45,690
16University of Florida$45,444
17University of Central Arkansas$40,016
18Texas Women’s University$35,700
19University of California – San Francisco$35,700
20University of Oklahoma Health Sciences center$37,800

Here is the details of Physical Therapy Schools Ranked By Price

Physical Therapy Schools Ranked By Price

1.  Mayo school of health-related sciences

Mayo Clinic is among the most renowned name in the healthcare industry. It has Universities and school which offers DPT program. Only 28 students are selected every year in the DPT program.

Location: Minnesota, U.S.A.

Program Duration: 113 hours

Tuition Cost: $91,105

2.  Regis university Rueckert Hartman college for medical professionals

The DPT course of this university is CAPTE accredited.  To be admitted to this university, students must complete a Bachelorette degree.  It is estimated that over 8000 students study at this university.

Location: Denver, Colorado,

Program Duration: 110 Hours

Tuition Cost: $90,750

3.  University of Maryland School of Medicine

It is among the most popular DPT degree courses in the world. The course curriculum requires examination practical-based learning and also helps to deal with medical issues.

Location: Maryland, U.S.A.

Program Duration: 8 Semesters

Tuition Cost: $75,392 for Residents and $120,242 for Non-Resident.

4.  Kansas University Medical Centre

The DPT courses are only for two years. The program’s major objective is to upskill students in physical therapy. It was established in the year 1865. Currently, there are 26,000 students enrolled in this university.

Location: Kansas City

Program Duration: 110 hours

Tuition Cost: $71,558

5.  University of Minnesota

This University offers one of the shortest DPT programs that require only eight semesters. In the end, students are required to do internships and clinical clerkship. Starting from this, you can also opt for DPT+ Ph.D., an integrated program the University provides.

Location: Minnesota, U.S.A.

Program Duration: 141 hours

Tuition Cost: $71,168

6.  University of Washington

It is CAPTE accredited with a course curriculum involving pharmacology, orthopedics, clinical education, anatomy, and kinesiology. The final three semesters of the courses are only meant for internships.

Location: Washington, U.S.A.

Program Duration: 153 hours

Tuition Cost: $70,758 for Residents and $125,278 for Non-Resident.

7.  University of New England

Although it’s written that it’s New England, it’s in Maine, United States of America; it also offers a DPT degree that is ranked among the top 100 DPT programs.

Location: Biddeford, Maine

Program Duration: 103 hours

Tuition Cost: $64,680

8.  University of Iowa

The University of Iowa offers the DPT program in Iowa City. The program is CAPTE accredited; only 40 students are enrolled every year. According to the best DPT schools ranking. It is ranked number 6.

Location: Iowa, U.S.A

Program Duration: 2.5 years

Tuition Cost: $58,042 for residents and $113,027 for non-resident people.

9.  University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences

The DPT program offered by Kentucky University Consist of 9 semesters that covers clinical internship and also provide 29 different subjects. It is in Kentucky city. The University of Kentucky was established in the year 1837. Currently, there are 30,000 students enrolled in this university.

Location: Kentucky, U.S.A

Program Duration: 137 credit hours

Tuition Cost: $56,676 for residents and $135,225 for non-resident people.

10.              University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus

CAPTI accredits this program. The duration of the program is approximately three years. The curriculum mainly focuses on subjects like physiology, neuromuscular condition, and anatomy. University was established in the year 1948. And the DPT program has been offered by the university since 2007.

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Program Duration: 3 year

Tuition Cost: $55,796 for residents and $116,696 for non-resident people.

11.              Ohio State University

The DPT course is good and contains small batches of only 40 to 50 students. Some prerequisites must be completed to be admitted to the DPT program, including a bachelor’s degree in physics, psychology, anatomy, or chemistry.

Location: Ohio, U.S.A

Program Duration: 117 hours
Tuition Cost: $53,586 for residents, Non-residents is $119,925

12.              University of Wisconsin – Madison

To be admitted into the DPT program, students must complete a course related to physical therapy. It is an integrated program between 2 universities, the Medicine School of Medicine and public health, and the other is the University of Wisconsin. Besides theoretical learning, the university also provides clinical internships in renowned hospitals. It is also CAPTE accredited. The program only involves 19 students.

Location: Madison, U.S.A

Program Duration: 122 hours

Tuition Cost: $52,877 for residents and $107,850 for non-resident people.

13.              University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The DPT courses are only for two years. Apart from this, students are also advised to take a minimum clinical internship for 36 weeks. Apart from this, a transitional DPT degree is also designed for those with a physical therapy license.

Location: North Carolina

Program Duration: 126 hours

Tuition Cost: $51,000 for residents, Non-residents is $95,000

14.              Virginia Commonwealth University School of allied professionals

This university is located in Virginia and offers a DPT degree that is of 3 years. The curriculum includes the study of pharmacology, orthopedics, clinical education, anatomy, and kinesiology. One more important feature of these universities is that it provides scholarships to outstanding students.

Location: Virginia, U.S.A

Program Duration: 121 hours

Tuition Cost: $45,920 for residents and $94,880 for non-resident people.

15.              University of Nebraska Medical Centre

The DPT program offered by this university is ranked among the most renowned DPT colleges in the world. CAPTE accredits the program. The course curriculum includes the subject-related study of Physiology, Patho Physiology, prosthetics, diagnosis, and anatomy. During the 3rd and the 2nd semesters, students are required to take training in clinical research.

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Program Duration: 123 hours

Tuition Costs: $45,690 for residents and $88,495 for non-resident people.

16.              University of Florida

The University of Florida offers a DPT course for only two years. It got its accreditation from CAPTE. The course also focuses on physical therapy-related subjects at the end of the semester. Semester you also get a clinical internship for 32 weeks, meaning students gain clinical experience.

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Program Duration: 113 hours

Tuition Cost: $45,444

17.              University of Central Arkansas

The CAPTE accredits the Deputy program. The curriculum includes theoretical as well as practical learning. Apart from this, students who graduate from this University are eligible to give National Exam to get a license as a Physical therapist. It is ranked 53 by U.S.A news. It was established in the year 1907 and currently has 11,000 students.

Location: Arkansas, U.S.A

Program Duration: 123 credit hours

Tuition Cost: $40,016 for Residents and $59,778 for Non-Resident.

18.              Texas Women’s University

It is among the most famous DPT colleges worldwide and is ranked among the 30 top colleges for the DPT program. CAPTE accredits the degree. This college is only for girls. It’s not a co-ed University. It provides degrees for both Dallas and Houston campuses. So, people can choose according to their location preferences.

Location: Texas, U.S.A

Program Duration: 33 months
Tuition Cost: $35,700 for people living in the U.S. and $74,000 for Non- Americans.

19.              University of California – San Francisco

Among the most famous colleges in the USA is the University of California. It offers a three-year program for a DPT degree. This program is a collaboration between two different state universities. One is the University of California, and the other is San Francisco. CAPTE accredits the program. Some of the features of the curriculum include theoretical learning, physiology, visual modalities, and anatomy. It ranked in the 20th position among the best DPT schools in the U.S.

Location: California, U.S.A

Program Duration: 115 Credit Hours

Tuition Cost: $33,660

20.              University of Oklahoma Health Sciences center

Oklahoma University offers a DPT program with credit hours of 108 and training in clinical anatomy, diagnosis, and physical therapy. This University was first established in the year 1890.

Location: Oklahoma, U.S.A

Program Duration: 108 hours

Tuition Cost: $37,800

Summing Up

A DPT degree is for 3 or 4 years after completing your bachelor’s degree. Opting for a DPT program is essential to an undergraduate certificate. DPT is important if you want to become a physical therapist and work to serve the community and people. Most of the DPT graduates work in a hospital for clinical experience. There are many universities from which you can choose. We have added all the universities based on your pocket size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    I do not have a baccalaureate degree. Can I still apply for the DPT program?

If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, you are not eligible to enroll in any DPT programs. Also, certain universities provide short-term courses for which you can apply.

2.    What physical therapy job pays the maximum?

Once you have completed the DPT course, you can apply as a physical therapist for pediatrics, neurology, and sports medicine.

3.    Is a deputy a good program?

Yes, if you want to apply for DPT, there are many job opportunities in this it’s worth the investment.

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