List of Optometry Schools Acceptance Rates in the USA

Any school’s acceptance rate is very important for students to decide on what school to choose to mark their future endeavors related to studies so that they could have a healthy environment in which they could learn and progress well. 

There are a variety of criteria on which the best school can be judged and it not only depends upon the acceptance rate but also the location, tuition fee, type of programs being offered, and class size. 

Some universities have optometry schools that offer courses alongside the four-year undergraduate years and some universities have separate accelerated programs for optometry which are of thirty-six months frantic schedule.

Why Choose Optometry

Vision is an essential sense and a thing that completes human life. When a patient walks into an optometry clinic the feeling the doctor goes through transforming the lives of their patients for the better is an outstanding feeling. 

Optometry helps to give you a career that is for serving others at the best clinics by giving your patients prescriptions for contacts and glasses, diagnosing and treating eye injuries, and even detecting and preventing disease. With an average net income of $140000 per year, the growth rate is also increasing each year in the field of optometry. 

This field also has the perk of professional freedom and optometrists have high demand in rural/urban areas across the USA. You get to see patients, do research work, develop your career as a part of faculty at educational institutes, and also get to do environmental research.

Steps to Get Into Optometry Schools

Getting into any optometry school in the US can be nerve-wracking but just needs a certain direction and is not extremely difficult. In comparison to the dentistry schools’ acceptance rates which were 54%, only the optometry schools have a higher acceptance rate of 74% according to a 2018 survey by 

The majority of the schools require the students to fulfill the following steps to get accepted in their program. So make sure to follow the following steps diligently:

  • Get done with your OptomCAS application
  • Clear the Optometry Admission Test (OAT) or in some school cases clear your GRE test
  • Submission of proof of your GPA and any pre-requisite courses
  • Attach two letters of recommendation
  • Get done with your prompt essay
  • Fulfill the program-specific requirements of the school in which you are about to get into
  • Lastly, a pro tip is to get your application started early, most probably early fall and late summer as in those times the candidate’s fall is saturated so you need to make good space for yourself.
Optometry Schools acceptance rates

List of Optometry Schools With Acceptance Rate

Content NumberInstitute NameAcceptance Rate Average Undergrad GPA  OAT Average
1Arizona College of Optometry at Midwestern University10 percent
2Illinois College of Optometry13 percent3.42326
3Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry11 percent3.43323
4Ohio State University College of Optometry14 percent3.72317
5Southern College of Optometry18 percent3.61336
6SUNY College of Optometry33 percent3.59346
7University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Optometry13 percent3.66321
8UC Berkeley School of Optometry37 percent3.42355
9University of Missouri-St Louis College of Optometry31 percent3.42314
10University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Optometry38 percent3.31296
11Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University12 percent3.32324
12Western University of Health Sciences41 percent3.71300
13Chicago College of Optometry, Midwestern University32 percent3.21296
14Indiana University School of Optometry41 percent3.58317
15MCPHS University, School of Optometry58 percent3.22307
16New England College of Optometry47 percent3.47327
17Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University 47 percent3.75339
18Northeastern State University: Oklahoma College of Optometry 30 percent3.65339
19Pacific University College of Optometry 60 percent3.44330
20Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry 29 percent3.36305
21Inter American University of Puerto Rico 39 percent3.04 284
22University of Houston College of Optometry 27 percent3.34308
23University of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry 67 percent3.59340
24Rosenberg School of Optometry 67 percent3.00300
25Maryville University70 percent3.00300
26St. John’s University 72 percent3.3330
27Howard Community College85 percent3.5330
28Purdue University67 percent3.6320
29Lake Michigan College80 percent2.80300
30James Madison University75 percent3.55300


If you’re looking for the best bargains, don’t spend an hour browsing the internet., we compiled a list of the cheapest optometrist schools.

1. Arizona College of Optometry at Midwestern University

A college with a 98% graduation rate is situated in Arizona City, Glendale. The preferred CGPA is 3.53 with a 624 OAT score. The college is facilitated by well-equipped faculty and state-of-the-art research facilities and resources. Here the pre-clinical practical work from time to time helps to prepare students for a better career ahead. 

2. Illinois College of Optometry

Mostly on the top of the best optometry schools list is this college located in the windy city of Illinois. A notable and interesting alumni mention of Otto Frederick Rohwedder the inventor of the first ever bread slicing machine who also earned a degree in optometry from here. With a graduation rate of 92% with over 160 students passing out each year. 

The Illinois Eye Institute here gives the students a practical experience to enhance their skills like no other. With numerous residency programs offered alongside as well. The college held pride in hailing out the midwest’s best eye care practitioners. 

3. Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry

This college gives the opportunity to students to split their schedules. With four years of studies divided into two years of science instruction and two years of all clinical studies. Alongside the facilitation of advanced technology and international practice trips students also get to learn from top faculty who are mostly ocular testing field leaders and fellows who are active at the American Academy of Optometry and leaders.  

With A 98% graduation rate, only 94 students get to attend this program each year. 

4. Ohio State University College of Optometry

State Department of Education supported one of the nation’s best schools located in Columbus, Ohio. The faculty of this college actively participates in medical journalism and technology innovation in optometry. Numerous awards have been won by the faculty and students over here which also include Low Vision Educational Grant and the Prentice Medal Award which gives honor to unique scientists. With a 97 percent graduation rate and only 64 students being accepted each year this is one of the best schools of optometry.

5. Southern College of Optometry

Dating back to 1932 this college is situated in Memphis, Tennessee. Oldest but technology wise one of the best-equipped schools with all the latest state of the art facilities. The campus also has an Eye Care Center which has 60,000 patient visits and students get to have a closer practical experience under supervision of their faculty.  136 students are accepted here each year with a 99% graduation rate most of them pass. 

6. SUNY College of Optometry

Now here we have a college that is very exclusive in terms of its acceptance rate which is 23 percent only. With most of the accepted candidates having 3.5GPA and 345 OAT scores it even sets the bar higher. With a graduation rate of 97 percent and a 

the rich history of 50-plus years where doctors have had numerous awards for excellence like American Optometric Association Optometrist of the Year and Johnson & Johnson Vision Award of Excellence for Contact Lens Patient Care.

7. University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Optometry

One of the colleges which receive National Institutes of Health Funding with over $325 million grants received in the field of research. The first-rate Eye Care Center 

The campus is famous for providing students with exceptional practical experience. A graduation rate of 98 percent is intended to pass out the best professionals in the field. 

8. UC Berkeley School of Optometry

With been around for almost a century situated in Berkeley, California this school has faculty and alumni who are now part of the presidents of both the American Academy of Optometry and the American Optometric Association. 

Along with first-class training, students get to see patients in their first year of school. The graduation rate of 93 percent of the students have also had 25000 hours with patients when they graduate from here. The clinical research center here also supports ambitious students in their future endeavors. 

9. University of Missouri-St Louis College of Optometry

With a graduation rate of 95 percent but a very strict acceptance rate, this college is famous for hailing out the best optometrists. Students from all walks of community are 

welcomed here and find the environment to be best for their education. Here the students develop a sense of responsibility and growth with the best faculty to teach the students the main focus is on low caste care, diversity and inclusivity. 

10. University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Optometry

Also known as UPIKE and located in Pikeville, Kentucky it’s the area’s only optometry school. Established in 2016 but already has a built-in Health Professions Education Building. Where future doctors are trained in various health care fields. The college also helps students through a grant equipped to help them bear the expenses involved with the Optometry Admissions Test. The acceptance rate is pretty high at 38 percent and with an impressive 92 percent graduation rate. It is one of the top ten optometry colleges in the US. 

11. Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University

Founded in 1904 one of the oldest schools in the US related to optometry. A state-of-the-art campus with residencies and practical work for students is made necessary through clinical rotations. 

12. Western University of Health Sciences

It Is exceptionally hard to get into a college with great campus facilities. The College of Optometry offers an innovative Doctor of Optometry program that emphasizes optometric rehabilitation including neuro-optometry.

13. Chicago College of Optometry, Midwestern University

The Midwestern University Chicago College of Optometry has been granted the accreditation classification of “Accredited” as of December 2, 2020, by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE), of the American Optometric Association (AOA).

The university also has a comparatively low student-to-faculty ratio which helps to make sure that you will receive individualized attention and the best mentorship from faculty who are experts in their field.

14. Indiana University School of Optometry

You vet to earn the optometry science or doctorate degree at Indiana University School of Optometry. With an advanced campus and well-equipped labs it also has clinical practice facilities for students to best learn the studies they are going through. Alongside the area’s best Eye Care Centers they use the latest technology to help students get hands-on experience of advanced tools.  

15. MCPHS University, School of Optometry

The university has a distinguished history and the school of optometry has gone through strong growth due to its excellent academic and carnival program offerings. 

It also provides clinical rotations to third and fourth-year students. It also provides combined Baccalaureate

 and doctoral degrees. It has all modern facilities with an on-site Eye and Vision Center. 

What Is The Easiest Optometry School?

Optometry schools are not the simplest to get into but if you have all the eligibility criteria ticked onto it can be easier for you to apply and there will be more chances of your selection. A lot of hard work is required to get into A suitable optometry school and the struggle does not stop there once you get in you need to keep up with the colleges’ demands. 

That is why an easier school is preferred which will give you a less tough time and a stable professional degree. For this reason, most students prefer schools like International American University in Puerto Rico, the USA which is easier to get into due to a less strict acceptance rate and has a studies setup that is also easy. 

Average GPA requirement: 3.04

Admission Requirements: A minimum of 90 semester hours or 135 quarter hours is required applicants who have a bachelor’s degree will have more leverage to get in as compared to simply matriculated students. 

Find out the list of the easiest optometrist schools in the US.


What percent of people get into optometry schools?

Although challenging, applying to optometry school is not impossible. There is a 74% acceptance rate for optometry programs. However, a student must complete the necessary undergraduate courses, earn a minimum GPA of 3.0, and pass the OAT in order to apply to most optometry schools (Optometry Admission Test).

What is the easiest optometry school to get into?

Following are the top three easiest optometry schools to get in:

  • Indiana University School of Optometry.
  • Arizona College of Optometry, Midwestern University.
  • Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. …

What is the competitive GPA of optometry school?

As of the recent stats on a 4.0 scale, the average accepted GPA for the 2019 entering optometry classes was 3.36 according to the pre-professional advisement center. 

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