How to Become a Teacher in Texas without a Degree

Not having a degree doesn’t take you out from becoming a Texas teacher, even though you don’t have an experience or degree at all.

Why I am saying this, because undoubtedly there an evident demand for career and technical educationist or CTE due to in short supply and demand more than ever it was before.

Although it takes a while to become a teacher if you have a major in a field other than education, however in technical education, your time in the workforce could translate into a Texas teacher certification in less time than that you would think.

Here are How to Become a Teacher in Texas without a Degree

Not for profit organization

Although it is true that you must have a teaching certificate to teach in an elementary or secondary school, certain private and charter schools do not require a state license or a teaching degree.

Emergency Teacher Jobs

An emergency teaching certificate will be required. It’s a temporary permit that allows you to teach in specific regions. Foreign languages, STEM disciplines, and special education are only a few of these fields.

Substitute Teacher Jobs

You can have a substitute teacher certificate and have a real classroom and teaching experience makes your profile more attractive and suitable for more jobs as a teacher.

You can also apply for a preschool teacher or teaching assistant job even with an associate’s degree.

Alternative Programs

An ACP is a teaching certification for graduates in non-educational fields. You can teach in K-12 public schools and specialize in the topic you studied. You can apply to the Texas Department of Education after finishing the program.

There are two types of Alternative Teaching Programs:

  • (Teach For America) TFA
  • (The New Teacher Project) TNTP

These two are not-for-profit most popular programs and a faster way to get a license as compared to the traditional method. You have to teach underserved communities without a degree. These programs can be classroom-based or online format, and you may be eligible to get financial aid from the US government. The Teacher Builder is a similar program that assists you in getting a full teaching degree.

Probationary Certificate

A teaching assignment completion will allow a teacher to have a one-year teacher license granted as a Probationary Certificate. To receive this, you should apply online and submit a recommendation for the certificate program which you are completing. The procedure is the same for career and technical alternative certification programs.

Benefits of a Teaching Career in Texas?

Choosing a teaching profession without a degree isn’t as tough includes acquiring a teaching certificate, this will then open up additional Job opportunities owing to a shortage of Technical Teachers.

Another benefit is a solid salary without a degree in Texas and most of the United States is more than enough for a student to pursue a teaching career with confidence.

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